Which Smartwatch Should you Buy in 2021?

 Which Smartwatch Should you Buy in 2021?

So let’s talk about smart watches smart watches are becoming more and more common nowdays. Even prices of smart watches are getting lowered and they come packed with all smart phones feature you can image so in case you wanted to buy a new smart watch for yourself and your new into this technology then let’s see what you should look into your first smart watch purchase.

To start with yes some Chinese smart watch brands are very cheap and comes packs will many feature but don’t go after it as they get slow fast also lacks dedicated customer support and overall gives poor performance and battery life. So just buy any premium smart watch that is out there because they will not only going to give good overall performance and battery life but they are also fast and looks better. So what you have to keep in mind before buying a premium smart watch let’s see.


So battery life is one of the most important things you should be looking for when buying your next smart watch. Most of the smart watches say they offer upto 24 days of standby time sounds good right? But don’t fall for these mostly they have poor batter life and performance when used continuously for 1-2 hours. So best bet here is to buy a smart watch that has batter of 3000 mAh or more . Also make sure to see if they provide talk time of more than 24 hours then also it will be good. Some of our top pics for smart watches having good battery life Apple Watch Series 3 or above , Galaxy Watch , Mi Watch .

Screen Size and Performance

Another aspect you should look into is screen size and screen quality so let’s see what current smart Watch market has to offer . Most of the smart watches comes with poor quality of screen and provides a poor. Viewing angle . This in turns increase the batter life to some extent but they also looks bad if your more into premium side of the things. So it’s better to buy smart watches that provides led or Oled screen yes they come at cost of bad batter life but they look better and for real having a smart watch that looks dull will not really go with some people.


So it’s of no surprise that most of the smart watches out there tries to provide as much apps and features as possible in their small size. Most of the smart watches comes with pedo meter heart beat sensor and other types of sensors. Also you can run some of your mobile apps natively on it . Yes you can’t run all the high demanding apps but yes you can run most of them without any issues. In fact you can play music on your smart watches play movies play animation do video editing play games and a lot more . Most of the feature of a smart phone is available on smart watch and if you buy a smart watch having a beefier specs then yes you can even play some of the demanding games that are available on smart phones. But yes for best performance it is wise to stick with Apple iOS ecosystem as on android even if it work good at first it will definitely get slow pretty fast as compared to iOS. Also you don’t really want a slow smart watch right that don’t do anything so yes stick with iOS Apple watches only. So just keep in mind Your next or first smart watch should have good operating system good looks good ram good processor and also good customer support team to help you with your issues and queries. Some of the best smart watches again that gives all that are the ones made by Apple .


Well anyone can now buy and use smart watches but it’s main consumer market includes tech enthusiasts health enthusiasts office worker and so on . For tech enthusiasts it’s just another upcoming smart tech that is filled all feature that were once available on smart phones and now it’s available on even a smaller device that you can hold in your hand. For health enthusiasts it’s a good way of to keep themselves on their schedule and help them with some tasks like counting their steps measuring how much calories they burned while doing exercise and so on. One of the best feature of smart watch is that it acts as a personalised health journal taking care of all your daily health and calories requirements.


So let’s talk about price price or most of the premium smart watches is more than $300 and if you look to buy cheap Chinese smart watches that only cost like $10 or more then your will not get good performance and it will look cheap and break easily . If your into a tight budget then at least try to buy a health band insteps of smart watch health band from mi would be very good as it’s cheap and also comes with good support and looks good. But if you can spend a little more then buy apples or Samsung smart watches even axiom Smart Watch is good. So yes if you could afford then go for premium brands as they are the ones that going to last long and comes with good batter life or if you can’t afford it then buy Mi health bands and if you really hate yourself then buy cheap Chinese smart watches. Remember this when ere you buy any electronic device try to look for best price to performance ratio and make sure not to fall for cheap Chinese devices as they can never provide you same experience that you will get with buying real branded products though they mimic the brand pretty well but yes they are not that good in long run and most of them breaks or stops working pretty fast.

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