What is the relation between Machine learning & Deep learning?

 What is the relation between Machine learning & Deep learning?

Once you learn machine learning then you will progress into deep learning which is all about England it works CN n RN ends you know and how that’s used for what kind of problems that what can be the expectation and there’s also where you start using tens of folk heroes and other life genes once you are done with the deep learning module you.

Then progress to the other three broad aspects of AI one is computer vision then NLP which is natural language crossing and finally the intelligent agents which are all about chat box and so on right and against all different problems within the scope of these courses so overall you can see this is probably one of the most comprehensive AI ml curriculums that you will see because its one is that there is a structured path right.

There is no rush here right the idea is not to teach you deep learning immediately in 30 hours right the idea is not to teach you machine learning in 20 years the idea is to give you a solid foundation give you enough you know conceptual understanding and building of the foundation and then supplemented by a load of projects and hands-on work so that you really become good at it you don’t you not just a theoretical expert but you are actually a practitioner and that only happens by exposure which is why it begins with foundation rose into machine learning then progresses into deep learning.

Finally, caps it off with a vision and NPN intelligent agents so earlier talking about you know about projects and you can see that these are some of the projects that I spoke about right so overall you could do about eight to nine projects in the program and when you look at these projects you can see that these are actual problems that the industry faces you know.

You were to do a project where the data is from uber and you’re trying to do predictive analytics on Jewish machine learning algorithms contacts in the country and this is a problem that everybody faces it should pay when Google has to decide where it should be stationing its cabs right this is the kind of model that they work by customer sentiment from Amazon reviews again you know build machine learning modules that can determine and predict the sentiments from extra views on Amazon’s website visualizing built a yard sale is the other common one that you do.

Actually, I think building a recommendation engine using machine learning and AI using data from a music engine or a music search and then called last order time right again very very practical for all of you Netflix users or Amazon Prime users or hot star users right huh how do they recommend you know what should you watch it is through a similar recommendation engine and you’re actually going to build something like that it’s in fact you don’t even have to go for an example that when you shop online whether it is Flipkart or Amazon rain York e-commerce site you know you will always see that there is a man I said you’re on that say that you are also likely to buy this or you’re all you may also light config meters that is another case of recommendation engines right again something that was built on machine learning Neil.

So one of the common questions that I do get is you know what are the prerequisites of this program I really need to be like a scientist or a statistician to do this program and that’s not the case at all which is why we have certain prerequisites are that you should have a bachelor’s degree you should have at least three years of professional experience because that does help you should have familiarity with high school mathematics again if you are an engineering graduate even these are already covered and you should also have functional programming knowledge and you don’t have to be programming expert or it’s not as if you have to prove them in right now but as long as you have functional programming knowledge.

What we mean by that is you understand syntax understand commands you know you understand the basics which you’ve done programming at some point in time either in your college or at your workplace your early years that is absolutely fine because then be a conflict that you will be able to pick up Python the reason and it’s important to pick up Python because you teach by the thing it’s important to learn that so that even you can start implementing these modules and in fact, for folks who don’t know Python you don’t have to worry at all the first upon your enrollment we would be providing a pre-programmed tutorial for you before classes begin which actually you know will help you come up to speed in Python and if you know one programming language learning and others very very easy.

In fact, the item is one of those English learning the programming languages to learn one of the things that extremely proud about is how our alumni and candidates fare in the dusty land and that’s what we really mean by enabling career success so a lot of activities that we do to ensure that you know you can project you and nature to opportunities relevant opportunities and you’re able to grasp and so we do a lot of creative development workshops you know it can get experts to come and talk about how should you be pitching here that you may have to do a big meeting a resume how should you be preparing for interviews how should and they mentor you in terms of giving your background and profile how should you really picture gang nature.

There’s a lot of industry connect that happens where then you know we get industry experts into the class that also becomes networking or consume things peer to peer networking is huge right because ultimately you’re going to learn with another 50 60 professionals we’re all you know you know coming from wonderful companies and backgrounds and that always opens up opportunities every batch on batch we’ve seen that we’ve seen with you know senior professionals have actually gone and hired all five of them you know batch mates into an upcoming ml project or any other project that always happens we do run a job or the organizations in the program wherein we keep posting opportunities relevant MLM opportunities and any point in time.

We can access the job board and you can you know affect the ones that you think you it was again that is something that is very very active now that gets to pressure on the fortnightly basis and every cook night you will see more opportunities across leading organizations these are all opportunities that companies have reached out to us which obviously you know there is a higher degree of success finally the AML portfolio is a unique proof of concept that you build by learning in the program very you are able to showcase everything that you’ve done to the outside world.

It also needs an as we’ve already discussed that leads to a lot of hiring discussions and what we have seen is that our alumni across programs work in a host of companies rights, so there are leading tech companies such as Amazon or Microsoft or Google or Flipkart they’re a consulting company you know she just did is this KPMG Deloitte they were banking and financial services companies such as RBS and American Express.

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