Top VPN Apps for 2021

 Top VPN Apps for 2021

You are probably attached to your phone more than you are attached to some other people. The amount of time we spend on the Internet is just vast and massive. As days go by we become more and more attached to the Internet. A larger percentage of us would surf the Internet more on their phones. With the increased dependence on the Internet, we sometimes consciously and unconsciously leave a huge amount of personal and sensitive information which can be used against us. The more pages we click, the more the risk of us leaving information behind. The whole direction of this article is not to discourage or limit us from using the Internet but only putting protective measures to safeguard us from what we deem most useful to us.
This is where a Virtual Private Network or simply VPN comes in. This acts as our shield from leaving sensitive information online. Moreover it changes your location so that let’s say you are in London surfing the Internet , you would appear as if you are in New York. This can be the useful if you are looking for content that is restricted in your region let’s say a certain show. Again the Internet is filled with VPN apps both free and paid confusing the user which one to pick and which one is the best. We’ve made this decision easier for you and we are listing the top 5 VPN apps. The criteria used to rank these apps is based on user experience and their reviews, facts, history and the locations they offer.

IPVanish covers all major platforms both on mobile and pc boasting of a huge server collection of upto 40000. As per the name, this VPN hides your IP address helping you surf the Internet anonymously. Having tried it myself I would recommend it due to its simple and user friendly interface. You can try it’s free version and if you like it , be free to subscribe to their services. Unlike most VPNs which sometimes share user logs to security firms once they’re held in a tight spot, be sure your logs won’t be shared and not even stored in the first place! Their customer care is also very responsive when dealing with user issues . Check out their app on the AppStore or Google play store

4.Tunnel Bear VPN
Having a VPN app that can connect anywhere you click on a world map can prove to be a frustrating work. Most VPN apps limit you to only the servers they can offer. So if you want to connect to a certain location that is not so popular then you may have to do a lot of digging to find a proper and well secure VPN. Worry not, Tunnel Bear VPN has got your back! This VPN can literally connect to any location you deem appropriate by just a click on the world map( which you will see once you open the app). Moreover, it is very secure and does not share your logs. The only limitation is you only get 500mbs worth of online time daily when you are on the free version. This can seem unfair especially when you want to stream but I also guess they have to pay for bills. Getting a subscription will guarantee you unlimited bandwidth to surf the Internet. Check out their website to know their rates.

  1. Hola VPN
    If you have ever researched for a fast VPN for gaming then you might have probably come across Hola VPN —if not here you have. Hola VPN has been recommended by top notch gamers for online gaming such as PES Mobile, PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile. I personally use Hola VPN when I’m playing online tournaments in PES Mobile. It’s reliable and widespread across gamers due to a large server access. To be fair it’s not entirely free but it’s more usable on the paid version than all the VPNs that made this list. Again it’s not made for gaming only but since online gaming is stable then you can have an idea that this is a fast VPN service you can find on mobile. But if you are considering to purchase a subscription — good news is that it’s also the cheapest in the list. Be free to check it out on both the AppStore and Playstore.
  2. Express VPN
    If there’s any VPN that has made the top 5 list of the best VPNs on all articles on the Internet then Express VPN is one of them. It is arguably the fastest and most secure VPN on the market. Express VPN has over 2000 servers spread across 150 cities in over 95 countries. It has an active and responsive customer care that works around the clock to help you. The good thing is the free version is as good as the paid version but still you will miss out on many servers. They offer a 30 day trial and you can cancel anytime even on the 29th day, 23rd hour, 55th minute— no commitment! Again Express VPN is as secure as the hundreds of thousands of reviews claim so. There is no storage or user logs so be sure you get the value for money spent.
  3. Nord VPN
    As a person who cares about complete anonymity, I would say that Nord VPN is far the best VPN out there as of the time I’m writing this article. True anonymity is what most VPNs cannot offer since they claim to give you that but low key violate that themselves. There has been lots of claims about VPNs giving out user data to government agencies and security firms but that will make a whole new article if I was to give examples and narrations. The best thing about Nord VPN especially if you are on iOS, it supports OpenVPN services which most if not all Apple-approved VPNs can. To be simple and precise, you can do a lot using Nord VPN than any other VPN. This comes with a heavy price though. You will have to part with $69 to get the annual subscription but, as stated above : A small price for privacy.Check out Nord VPN today

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