Top 2020 Banking Apps!

 Top 2020 Banking Apps!

Top and best investment and finance apps in 2020 ( best banking apps )

App name- Acorns = Best for easy and worry-free money savings

The app- Acorns is one of the very older of the newest breed of all the finance apps or applications, but it remains in one of the best and most popular of all, because of how comfortable easy it is to invest or use the app. And you really don’t even have to pay much attention on it once you’ve completly set up the app. You can link a credit or debit card to your very own account, and also Acorns will round up all the total on your purchases to the next of a dollar and do invest that bit of difference into one of the ETF portfolios.

And the cost is a small modest of $1 per month for the Acorns Invest, all though the company also offers more of other features. Only if you want to take or move a step up, everybody can move to the Acorns Later, now which is bundled with the Acorns Invest, also for an additional of $1 per month. The Acorns Later is the company’s new version of an individual or single retirement account aka in short form (IRA), and you’ll easily be able to open the door of one of the three versions: like : the traditional, SEP or a Roth.

Not only that you can even roll over an existing amount of 401(k) or individual retierement account aka in short form IRA to the Acorns Later. Also Acorns chooses your portfolio only based on the fixed and targeted time until there’s your retirement time (calculated as age 59 ½), also becoming more and more conservative as your near of that age.

Not only that, but, for an another additional of $1 per month, you can add the Acorns Spend, basically which provides a FDIC- aka a protected checking account with a new debit card, among other many things.

Reason why you would want this app (acorn): Because you for sure like getting your automatic savings even while you’re spending money without even worrying about it. And you also like retirement investing your money without the hassle.

2-App name- Robinhood: Always best for the fee-free trading

The app -Robinhood is the only app to have if you like avoiding all the trading commissions and stuff. The app Robinhood allows you to always trade stocks, the ETFs, with many options and cryptocurrency all Completly for free, and you’ll also be able to do it in a slick mobile in an interface that makes smooth and fast work of it all. All the stripped-down app is just simple to navigate, and after a little while you’ll start to move from screen-to-screen very intuitively while as you start to trade the market.

And you can access to a stock’s page from a known search bar always at the top of the device screen, and also pull up the charts and other vital statistics. And also useful is a great feed that aggregates stories from news and other many investing sites, and so that you can keep on the top of what’s actually going on. And after you’ve decided what will you really want to trade and enter the number of the shares to either buy or sell, you can just swipe up and as simple to read the order is on its way. And another great and aweswome feature of the app Robinhood is instant shipping/delivery of the first amount of $1,000 of any funds you will deposit to your account, so you can easily start trading immediately in a tap. (Here’s the Bankrate’s full and honest review of the broker.)

The reason why you will want this app (Robin hood) : Its sure that you like trading stocks (and many options and cryptocurrency) for completly free and having a easy / simple way to follow or walk with the market.

3-The app name =Wealthbase: Always best for the social experience

The app-Wealthbase is a very most newer entrant into the giant and huge world of all of the stock market games, and it may also be the very most user-friendly money investing app out there for having great fun and picking the stocks. You can do set up all of the games with your friends to last however much long you want like just until the end of the day, a whole day, a few weeks or more

Tye two things really set the Wealthbase apart in the stock of the simulator world: first, the app always marries the social media with the stock picking. And also you’ll see a feed of all stocks your friends are always picking, with all daily updates and information of who’s winning, and also even a little bit friendly -“trash talk.” Secondly, also the app runs very smoothly theres no delays to load, not any hiccups. Even tho if you’re not a huge or great stock-picker, you’ll for sure have fun here. And you can also trade crypto in the form of simulation also (as well).

There are two ways to acces it- You can access Wealthbase on the via mobile app or web.

The realson why you will want this app ( Wealthbase ): You do like picking stocks and also playing games in a great social environment with your friends and other colleagues.


-APP NAME- Stockpiles : it is best and great for gifting stocks

The reason why you will want this app ( Stockpiles ): You do like investing but you don’t really have enough or sufficient to buy a high-priced stock and also you like the idea of gifting the stock to your younger relatives.

-Invstr : this is best for getting knowledge and learning about investments

The reason why you will want this app ( invstr ): You do want to learn about it from an great investing community, also hear why will they like the certain stocks and also play a great fun fantasy entertaining game.

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