Shift from Superficiality to Granularity

 Shift from Superficiality to Granularity

Most people in business are very superficial. Because we live in a world where everything seems easy, everything is so accessible, so the majority of society accepts taking a light-hearted approach in business, with the products they produce, the service they deliver, with their health, with their education, and with their relationships. But the best of the best are very different. They aren’t superficial: they’re granular. 

I’d love to help you play at your absolute best, in this era of immense upheaval. And so…

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P.S. We’re also happy to provide you the transcription of today’s episode at no cost:

Most people in business are very superficial. They don’t prepare very much before a meeting. If there’s a new project, they don’t read 17 books. They do a quick search. You know what I mean?

Everything is very light. It’s very superficial. Before the big event, it’s superficial. The way they look at their diet is superficial. The way that they think about their life and their values, superficial. It’s because we live in a world where everything is easy. Everything is so accessible. So people are superficial. Even a lot of conversations, they’re very superficial, no?

I can’t do superficial. I can’t do a cocktail party. I need depth. And so we live in a world of superficiality. If you ask some people, “What’s your five-year vision?” “I don’t know. Good question.” You ask some people, I’m not judging, just sharing, “What are your top five values?” “I don’t know. I’ve never thought about that.” You ask people, “What are your routines on the day that you’re on fire creatively and productivity?” They don’t know. You asked people, “What was the best day of your life?” “I don’t know.” You ask people, “What do you want to stand for when you’re no longer here?” “I don’t know.” You ask people, “What is the nutrition that when you’re running that protocol, you have massive energy?” “I don’t know.” Have I made the point? Yes. It’s a very light-hearted approach. 

Now, if you study geniuses, they’re not superficial. They’re granular.

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