Samsung Rollable Tablet Teased in Official Images

 Samsung Rollable Tablet Teased in Official Images

Samsung releases a couple of illustrations giving us a sneak peek at the future of foldable phones. It looks like the company is still considering more creative ideas to work for its foldable phone. We know the company is developing foldable displays under the Samsung Display division for some years. However, after bringing the initial range of foldable phones to the market, the company can showcase something different in 2021.

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What does the Samsung Display Sketch Show?

According to Sammobile, Samsung Display shared the illustrations showing new foldable smartphone concepts on its blog. In the first sketch, we can see what a rollable smartphone may look like. It appears to come from a cylindrical stick and provide an enhanced productivity experience. Moreover, the company’s executives always suggested the development of rollable smartphone concepts in the past.

Similar to Samsung, its fellow-Korean competitor LG is speculated to unveil its rollable smartphone in June next year. On the other hand, it also shared another sketch that shows a tri-fold display on a phone that becomes similar to the original Galaxy Fold when folded. It appears to have a smartphone interface on one side and a tablet-like experience on the other. However, TCL also showed off a concept phone carrying a tri-fold display in March this year.

It is a foldable phone, that folds in two places, aka a Z-shaped foldable. This design would allow Samsung to pack in a much larger display inside. It would allow it to offer you a 6+ inch smartphone that folds out into a 9-10-inch tablet, essentially. According to reports, Samsung has been working on such a design for a long time now. The Z-shaped foldable handset from the company may be closer to reality than we think.

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