How to stay healthy in 2020

 How to stay healthy in 2020

Are you the type of person that wants to get in shape and be healthy but is very lazy to move your body and exercise? Or you are the type of person that really wants to exercise but never had a time for it? Wanna know a secret technique you could use to get in shape and be healthy with a very minimal effort and time? Well I tell you now, you are already exercising! But since when and how? Is this even possible?
Since we we’re little, we have been already started exercising, and that is Walking. Walking falls in to the category of cardio exercise. We are constantly walking our way to everywhere we would feel to go. Be it walking from your home to your work or even just walking from your room to your fridge! Did you know that 10,000 steps burn 500 calories? This just means that 20 steps can already burn a 1 calorie. One average person walks 4000 steps a day, and it is just by strolling around normally just to buy goods on the nearest market. But what if you add just a little more steps on your journey? This means you going out there and strolling your way to all of your nearest to not so far destinations You have classes to attend to in school? Do not wait for the bus, walk your way to your school, it is Sunday and you will go to church? Walk straight to the church, you have a date and will go to the cinema? Walk your way to her house and walk together to the cinema, it will be a lot more fun, what if you are a girl? well then tell your man to walk together to the cinema! Walk also going to the malls and to the grocery stores as this will add a great amount of those extra steps. Adding those extra steps would help your heart pump more blood that would make you gain muscles little by little on that exact moment. What if we would make it a habit?
This would result not just us getting physically fit over time but also helps even connecting you to the outside world. It means you would also improve you socially, but how you say? It will give you an opportunity on meeting new people, be it your long time unknown neighbor or even a complete stranger, or even friends to talk for a little conversation. This will help boost your mood, add it with your cardio exercise routine (which is walking), sums up into a healthier environment and a healthier you. Now I know I already ask this but what if you make it a habit? Your every day journey on walking will feel more lively as if you are on a movie, walking around meeting strangers like they are just a supporting actor to the main role (which is you) feeling happier without worries.
It is not that hard, isn’t it? Walking has already been a part of our life and without a doubt, a very great help to exercise our bones and muscles even us without realizing it. Making it a habit will surely make you happier than before. So what are you waiting for? Start changing your schedules and clean those walking shoes and start being a happy productive person.

Are you thinking of getting to the gym right now? You want to get physically fit and gain more muscles that your abdominal muscles will show up even though you have a shirt on. Whatever reason you are having on why you are going to the gym whether be it you just want to be healthy or you are wanting to be seen muscular and be popular with people and friends, you may be asking is it better to be lean? or bulky?
Well first of all, what does it mean by lean and bulk? Lean is when you are physically fit that you are mainly losing fat and it is showing up your muscles. This is just like the bodies of the athletes you see on television. Bulk is the type that is mainly gaining muscles and buffing it up while losing fat, have you ever seen the biggest guys in the gym? Yes, they are the hulk, I mean bulk, but hulk and bulk is pretty similar on the body shapes. Now that you know it, you may be asking now what is better, being lean or getting bulk. I tell you, being lean should be your choice on those two.
Being bulky of course means that you will have a big muscle. It will be so big that is already exaggerated, normal people that is complete strangers will almost be scared on asking you. With this being said, your opportunity on meeting other kinds of people is reduced. In terms of flexibility, with the large muscles of the bulks, they will have a hard time. Even eating with your spoon will be hard enough for these guys because of the exaggerated amount of muscle on their chest, biceps, and shoulder. Not to mention of the time you have to be training in the gym that you have to go through just so you can achieve being bulky. Now compare it to you being lean, your training will almost rely on sports to mainly reduce fat. While you are constantly training with sport, you are not just improving your body muscles but also Improves your skill on the certain sport. Having an athletic training not just gain muscles but also gain opportunities on meeting new friends because of the people that would be playing sport with you. Simultaneously building up friendship with others while also training at the same time. Being lean will also enhance your flexibility because of the body mass you will be having. You will look more appealing because of the natural body look you will have. You will have more times on doing more of what you like or your hobbies because you would not have to give so much time upon training. Maintaining on staying lean would not be that hard comparing to being bulk because of the training differences. Making the training to stay lean a habit will also be easy compares to being bulky.
Having lean and bulk already compared, I know what you are thinking right now. Yes, staying lean is better than being bulk. Your desire on getting physically fit, being so much more appealing, and be popular with your friends will be possible on staying lean thus making it a better choice on the two. What are you waiting for then? Start making your schedule and have an athletic training.

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