How to have Healthy Skin and Hair this Winter!

 How to have Healthy Skin and Hair this Winter!

hair care in winter

In the winter it is common for hair to break. But these days the hair is falling too much. In this case, your hair needs special care. What can be the reason, let’s find out best hair care in winter tips?

Hairfall causes are a common thing. When more than 100 hairs fall on a person daily, it is considered a hair fall problem. Thousands of hair shampoos and conditioners are available in the market to control falling hair. But despite their use, people are not getting any benefit.

How will you get the benefit?

The reason is that the root hairfall causes is not in your head, but in your habits. Not only has the lifestyle of people changed due to Corona, but people are also victims of stress and anxiety. If there is a deficiency of essential vitamins in the body or there are changes in hormones, then the breakdown of hair increases. Today we will talk about the main causes of hair breakage and also know how to get rid of this problem.

1. Stress is a big reason

Now there will be many people who will say that we have nothing to worry about or stress. No matter how bad the situation is, but we have kept our mind absolutely calm. But actually, your dry and lifeless hair tells a different story.

To explain, let us assume that we are not worried about anything. But the truth is something else. Due to Corona, we have been hearing mostly negative and bad news in the recent past. Obviously, any person can suffer stress due to hearing such news continuously. Apart from this, there can be many other reasons for stress.

You can, such as cash strapped, fear of losing a job, work pressure, fighting fights and stress of household chores etc. This stress has a profound effect on your hair. If stress increases, then the problem of hair loss will also increase, understand this.

How to reduce stress?

There are many ways to reduce stress such as turning around from friends, spending laughable time with family, being happy, doing yoga, participating in good activities etc. Apart from this, if the whole family will do all the work together then the time will also be cut and there will not be any pressure of work on anyone.

2.Lack of nutrition in the body

Due to corona, there has been a big change in the lifestyle of people which reduces habits of good hair care in winter. The food and drink of the people have changed completely at home. There are very few people who consume a completely healthy and nutritious diet. At the same time, most people are enjoying different types of dishes at home.

In these dishes, oil and spices are present in plenty, but nutrition is negligible. Hair loss due to lack of nutrition in the body. The breakdown is inevitable.

Eat these things:

 Vitamin C, Drink more water, take protein and zinc. Vitamin C is found in plenty in orange, lemon, amla, grapes, broccoli, tangerine, jackfruit, mint, tomato, guava and spinach. At the same time, protein is present in plenty in lentils, fish, poultry, peas, peanuts and chicken.

3. Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin-D is as important for the bones and immune system, it is equally important for your hair. Vitamin D usually occurs in very few food items. The best sources of Vitamin-D are sun rays. These days due to spending more time at home, the body is not getting enough vitamin-D. Its effect is also seen on hair health.


Every day must sit in the sun for half an hour. This will not only remove the problem of hair breakage, but you will also feel healthy from inside. Apart from this, consuming fish, milk, cheese also reduces vitamin-D deficiency in the body.

Reduce hairfall causes- Do these things

Taking care of all these things, also make a habit of pampering your hair. Make the hair wash at least twice a week.

For head massage, coconut oil, olive oil or mustard oil can be used. Wash hair 1 to 2 hours after applying oil.

Allow hair to dry naturally and do not make any mistake of combing or tying it until the hair is dry properly.

dryness of skin causes

Dryness, stretch or white layer of skin is very common in winter. As the weather changes, the skin also starts turning. To protect it from euthanasia, you need to do some hard work. How to keep skin moisture in cold weather, we will see in details.

As soon as winter comes, there is a special change in your cosmetics, soap and body lotion. Soaps turn to glycerin and dressing table fill with moisturizer and lip balm appear at the forefront.

Leaving behind the worry of lightening your face, you start trying the tips to get rid of the skin dryness first. Deep Moisturizing becomes a herculean priority during three to four months of cold. It is also very important to do this.

However, skin care can also be done to an extent. You may need to moisturize your skin several times a day. But does just applying moisturizer work? No, you also have to know the reasons for dryness. Also, you have to understand the mistakes which we commonly do in winter. Dry skin causes many problems.

Dryness of the skin can put you in many problems, which can prove difficult for you to get rid of. The biggest problem among these is sensitivity, which is the sensitiveness of the skin. Dryness of skin causes does not take long to become sensitive skin. So it’s important to protect your skin from dryness, especially in winter.

Apart from this, photo-aging occurs quickly in this skin, as well as collagen and -elasticity starts to decrease, due to which the signs of aging also start appearing before time. Tanning in such skin is also quick.

When the head’s skin is dry

Dandruff is a common dryness of skin causes of head in winter. Every other person faces this problem. A big reason for this is dryness. At the same time, dandruff becomes a cause of hair loss.

For this, you have to protect the head from dryness, because dry fruit is the food of the fungus and this fungus takes the form of dandruff. To avoid dandruff, you need to use normal temperature water while washing your head. Also pay attention to your shampoo.

 Ayurvedic or neem shampoos can increase dryness. It is better to use moisturizer shampoos. If there is dandruff, apply anti-dandruff shampoo. Also, do not apply oil on your head for a long time. Apply hair oil half an hour before washing hair.

Use moisturizer

If there is moisturizer in home, took it and applied it. When someone takes it with them to the bathroom while taking a bath, they apply it just after bath. Moisturizer is necessary for winter, you will know it well, but do you know the right way to apply it?

Moisturizer should be applied after three minutes of bathing. This is because during this time the skin water has dried up, it becomes moist and the pores are open so that the moisturizer easily gets inside the skin and provides moisture to it.

Night routine is also important

Night routine has a special role in your skin routine. If you use any kind of repair cream at night, then continue it. Also, support her with moisturizer. Wash the mouth with room temperature water before sleeping at night and apply moisturizer according to your skin. This will help in maintaining the level of moisture in the skin.

Enjoy sunshine

Everyone enjoys sunshine in winter. But you also need to take care of your skin with it. Especially, when your skin quickly turns dry, is sensitive, you have some other skin problem or you are a thyroid patient. In this case, you should avoid direct sunlight. You can enjoy the warmth of the sun by sitting in the shade.

When doing so, keep the feet in the sun and foment. If the temperature is too low, sit back in the sun or cover the face with a scarf. Also, do not forget to apply sunscreen on the face, as tanning also occurs on the skin in winter.

Take care while bathing

Bathing in winter is one of the most difficult tasks. You are not being advised not to bathe here. But the suggestion of taking care of some things while taking a bath can save you from dry skin. In winter people take a bath with hot water.

This is a major cause of skin dryness. To avoid this, you have to keep the water as hot as possible, in which its coolness ends and you can bear it. This prevents the skin from losing moisture. Also do not take long bath.

  • Do not use face wash every time on the face. Do not scrub the skin. If possible, let the facial skin dry naturally.
  • Smells containing scents in soaps may dry your skin, so avoid them.
  • Apply glycerin or moisturizer soap.
  • Do not use neem soap and facewash in winter, it makes the skin dry.
  • If using an acne cream or face wash, use a moisturizer with the advice of a dermatologist.

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