How to Build a PC under 200$

 How to Build a PC under 200$

So today let’s talk about computers if your under a budget and just need a machine to do your everyday work then you can just get a good desktop PC for under $200 easily or could even build your own for less than $100 using used parts but if your the one person who wanted his device to be aesthetically pleasing and wanted to do all your extensive work there then let’s gets started. Premium computers are usually suited to ones who wanted it just for the show or for ones who wanted it for their work like doing video rendering playing games or doing some other processor or graphically intensive task. Before we start one thing to keep in mind that is if something is expensive it don’t always means it’s good and preferably good for you. We will see that something priced high may do good job in certain situations but it’s not always good in all situations. Like buying some expensive graphics card that is specifically designed for bitcoin mining or for video rendering will only be good for that purpose if you try to play games on it you may expect lower performance and will eventually have performance issues.

So below are the things you should look for when buying a premium computer


Nowdays even 500 GB of SSD which once were supposed to be very high disk space is no longer accepted or common. Nowdays most of the computer comes with 1 terabytes of solid state drive or even more so if your into buying a new premium computer then make sure to have minimum 1 terabytes or more of solid state drive . A 2 terabytes solid state drive is preferred. Along with more then 500GB of high speed memory. Also it’s adviced to have more than 16 GB of ram at minimum having 32 GB of ram will keep you without worrying about memory issues for a long time but it’s best to have 16 GB of ram at minimum nowdays. Apart from Ram and SSD make sure the memory you use is high speed one. Memory upload and download speed should be more then 1GB per seconds at least to give you a stutter less experience while editing or playing games.


Having a good cpu is must when you are buying a new premium computer. So to stay in a sweet spot it is advisable to buy a CPU having more than 8 cores with a clock speed of more than 3 GHz. Nowdays multi cores cpus are common and having 8 core cpu should be your minimum requirement. If you wanted to add more then try to go for a 12 core CPU and then you don’t need to worry about replacing your cpu for a really long time. Try to find a good cpu for your next computer under $200. If you look for used parts in cex or in eBay or in Facebook marketplace you can easily get one for less than $100 if your lucky otherwise for most of us prices of these components can maybe high upto $600 in some countries but if your from USA or uk then you can expect them for less then $200 easily. Make sure you have done two things right more cores and threads along with more speed. Typically octacore cpu is preferable with hyper threading and more then 3Ghz cpu clock speed. In case you plan to over clock your cpu in future then for you the best bet is to buy a good cpu cooler and heat sink. Also get quality thermal paste and apply it evenly on your cpu surface.


So next thing we have to worry about Is GPU nowdays GPUs with more than 6 GB of ram is preferred so while buying keep in mind to have at least 6 6B of video memory in your GPU at minimum. If you buy GPU having 8GB of ram or more then also you will be in a sweet spot and don’t have to worry about upgrading in future. Don’t buy Nvidia 1000s or 2000s series of GPU opt for new 3000s series as they provide better price to performance. New 3000s series gpu from nvidia comes with ray tracing feature and advance DSLL that helps to make your games visually rich and better. Other things to keep in mind is that as games are becoming more and more demanding and also new ray tracing technology is coming and becoming more and more acceptable as standard norms so it’s better to only buy ray tracing GPUs don’t go for GPU that can’t do ray tracing or don’t have dedicated cores to do ray tracing. If we think about it then even 1000s series of GPU can do ray tracing only issues with them is that they don’t have dedicated cores available for ray tracing that’s why they tends to give very poor results when ray tracing is turned on.


So final thing to worry about is pricing as new GPUs and cpus are launched every week it’s no wonder things you buy right now for high price might get obsolete soon and then you have to buy new one to replace it. Also price of your current gpu that you might buy for high price will go down pretty fast when new generation or technology comes. So never spend more than you can afford and it’s better to stay away from emi or loans when your buying new device. So first make a budget of no more than $500 if you don’t wanted to spend much and no more then $2000 if you wanted to spend as much as possible.

At the end I will only say that right now technology is evolving so it’s better to wait for next big thing to come and become new standards once it’s done price of most of the hardware will go down and then you will be able to get best price to performance from your next machine you buy. So best thing to do right now is to wait or to spend only a little amount of money so that when time comes your ready to upgrade your system without any worries about money.

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