Did Ariana Grande got her Tattoos Removed for her Wedding!

 Did Ariana Grande got her Tattoos Removed for her Wedding!

The ‘God Is A Woman’ hitmaker famously had an Eevee the Pokémon design on the inside of her arm and a large butterfly below her right shoulder, as well as designs on her hands. 

In her wedding pictures – which are so stunning btw – Ari’s arms were noticeably bare, but it’s understandable if she didn’t want the eye-catching designs distracting from her elegant Vera Wang dress.

But a few days later when the newly-married pop star performed ‘Save Your Tears’ with The Weeknd at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, her arm tattoos were still missing. 

Only her hand tattoos, the quote on the back of hour shoulder, and a drawing of Chihiro from Spirited Away, remained visible. 

Has Ariana removed some of her tattoos? 

Well, the last glimpse fans got of Ari’s tattoos were on 6 May, when she posted a selfie and the top of one tattoo was just in shot.

If the star had had any tattoos removed since then, it would have been a long process until her wedding day which was 15 May. 

Another theory swirling around the Twittersphere is that Ari may have indeed been cast as Megara in the upcoming Hercules live-action remake, which could explain why she’s had her body ink covered. 

They even pointed out that Ari’s purple outfit, arm movements and the style of her hair were all a nod to the character.

The biggest clue of all however, is that the company working in the production of the movie liked all of Ari’s wedding posts.

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