How to have Healthy Skin and Hair this Winter!

hair care in winter In the winter it is common for hair to break. But these days the hair is falling too much. In this case, your hair needs special care. What can be the reason, let’s find out best hair care in winter tips? Hairfall causes are a common thing. When more than 100 […]Read More


Common Airborne Diseases of 2020!

We have to avoid COVID-19. At the same time, we also have to protect ourselves from seasonal diseases whose symptoms are similar to COVID-19.  what precautions are necessary for such a way that fear, confusion and danger do not increase due to unwanted illness. The risk of vector-borne diseases is also high with infectious diseases in monsoon. […]Read More

News Tech

SpaceX Mars Rocket Exploded on Launch!

SpaceX successfully launched—and nearly landed—a fully-assembled prototype of its next generation Starship rocket on a suborbital flight from its facility in south Texas. This is the rocket that Elon Musk hopes will soon carry humans to the moon and, eventually, to Mars, but Wednesday’s launch was an uncrewed test flight that lasted just a few minutes. The rocket flew to […]Read More


Strange Lights over Idaho: It’s not Aliens it’s Space X

Have you recently seen a long train of lights across the sky? It’s not aliens or stars; it’s satellites. SpaceX, a company created by Tesla owner Elon Musk, has set out to bring global internet service through new satellites currently in orbit. “SpaceX has the ambition to create global internet service by providing a constellation […]Read More


Shift from Superficiality to Granularity

Most people in business are very superficial. Because we live in a world where everything seems easy, everything is so accessible, so the majority of society accepts taking a light-hearted approach in business, with the products they produce, the service they deliver, with their health, with their education, and with their relationships. But the best […]Read More


Benefits of Hiking!

How do you feel after you go for a hike or spend time outdoors? Do you have a tendency to feel less stressed, more focused and more relaxed? If so, that is not a coincidence. Or maybe you haven’t tried hiking, yet you are intrigued by what it has to offer. Hiking offers a variety of […]Read More

Finance News

A challenging start for Sandvik!

Stefan Widing’s first months as President and CEO of Sandvik have been eventful. The new coronavirus is affecting the whole community and Sandvik is fully focused on adapting its operations to the new conditions. But Stefan Widing is convinced that collaboration and hard work will successfully get the company through the pandemic. How has Sandvik […]Read More

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